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Product Description


Brand new. Factory unlocked.


Product Details


  • Amazon Sales Rank: #342 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Size: Normal
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Apple
  • Model: 4 16GB
  • Dimensions: .30 pounds


  • Mint condition. Unlocked with gevey pro. Phone only.
  • Unlocked with GEVEY


Customer Reviews 

For the last 2 years I have been carrying a cell phone, an iPad Touch, an iPad Shuffle, and (when I thought I would need it) a camera. I was waiting for a device that would do it all in one, but without forcing me into an unwanted 2-year cell phone contract (I use an AT&T prepaid GoPhone account). The iPhone 4 is that device. For the most part, I adore my new iPhone. Only the substandard built-in software keeps it from being a 5-star product, IMHO. More on that later. 

When I was reading reviews before my purchase I wanted to know if "factory unlocked" really meant what it said. Yes, I would have to say that it does. This was clearly a brand-new phone in factory packaging, not a phone that had been unlocked illegally. On the down side, because it had been packaged for the UK market, it came with a British-style plug on the wall charger! This didn't matter to me because I always charge my device from my computer, but the vendor should have mentioned it. 



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